tutor, mentor or ed therapist?

Tutors are great. I am one, myself. When I am tutoring, I am helping to build skills and increase subject specific knowledge, generally for short-term recall, like for a test or single essay that needs written.

Mentors are awesome. My son loved his mentors when he attended a private learning centre in British Columbia. Mentors don't usually create the plan, but aid in delivering the plan by fostering learning, curiosity and initiative.

Educational Therapists are the bomb. Ed therapists provide targeted support and remediation for you child's specific learning challenges through a diagnostic and prescriptive approach. A therapist creates the plan, teaches the skills needed to transfer knowledge to life, aids in organization and planning skills as well as fosters learning and building confidence through teaching self-advocacy and independence.

Your child may benefit from all three.

(adapted by Marty Frens, MEd)

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