why a psycho-ed?

A diagnosis used to carry a negative connotation along with them but that is most definitely changing, for the better! Assessments inform.

 * A label/diagnosis shows you and the child where to start building that foundation (measures academic performance and ability)

 * A diagnosis gives, in many instances, confidence to know that they “can” learn, they just need guidance from someone with more experience than they, themselves, already have (reveals perceptual, academic and cognitive strengths and weaknesses)

 * A diagnosis can provide a child with resources they previously had no access to (determines need for intervention and what type)

 * A diagnosis helps teachers know how to make modifications to curriculum in the best ways possible, eliminating guesswork

 * A diagnosis is a method of accountability. When you know what needs to be addressed, you can use assessments as a method of reliably representing the effectiveness of the program/therapy you chose

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