Monday, January 29, 2007

never despise humble beginnings

Lord, It's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way.

I can't wait to look in the mirror, 'cause I get better lookin' each day ...

I think we can all relate to someone like this. Hopefully not someone we have to be in too close contact with on a daily basis, but they are really out there. I have met some of them in my own homeschool journey. The wife who talks like her curriculum choices are the definitive ones and her husband is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Never a day to worry or complain about in her household, for her perfect children have done everything she asked of them ... without the use of rewards or Scripture quotations. Her husband always makes the "right" choice when it comes to the Spiritual decisions for his family. All is calm ... all is bright.

All is not humble. ( all is not right ).

For some reason, this morning, I was reminded of my humble beginning in marriage. We were both still in school, young and just about flat broke. Together we decided that if we had $10,000 well, we would get married for sure! When all was counted, we got hitched with less than $3000. Forget a honeymoon ... we didn't have the money and we were too young to rent a car. My brother ended up chauffering us to a simple overnight Inn that some of our friends surprised us with at the ceremony. We just knew it was "now or never" and we trusted God to help us over the hump.

Have you noticed that He has a sense of humour? He provided financially by allowing us to conceive within 4 months. Once the baby was born, I received a humble monetary gift each month from the government. It wasn't what I thought I would be doing with my new degree, but it sure was fun! We then found ourselves expecting again when the first baby was 8 months old. Humble beginnings for sure ... now we knew we were definitely going to homeschool.

My first curriculum books consisted of a library card and a visit to a woman's home where I picked up a Bob Jones workbook that I am sure was written back in the 70's when I was my son's age ... but we loved the time together, and we have grown tremendously as a family since then.

While I don't necessarily have the size of family I long for, I do have all the love I imagined ... and then some. These days, if I cannot find just the curriculum I am looking for, I write it myself. If I need to get somewhere, I drive in the car my husband does not need to take to work. If one of my children has hair that needs to be cut, I can choose to trim it myself, or pay for someone else to do it. The options are nearly endless, and that not to say that I do not remember where I came from ... my humble beginnings.

I personally believe that we are faced with some humble new beginning on a regular basis. The perfect writing program that just doesn't seem to click with the child you thought would soar with it. That character flaw that keeps rearing its ugly head time and time again ... in you. The friend that seems to need so much more attention than you have the energy to give. That issue you would just as soon ignore. All are opportunities to begin again ... small.

Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord, and in due time, He will lift you up.

All my life is a humble beginning, until He decides to take me home. I like that idea. It keeps me focused. It keeps me real. It keeps things simple.

It keeps me humble.

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