Sunday, March 11, 2007

went outside the box

last week, Saturday night, I thought about some friends of ours who lead a wee church, and wondered if maybe we should just "show up". Well, I forgot again so we went to our own little church, and on the drive home my husband brings up the couple for discussion. It was one of those kind of "should we be calling them?, do they need something?, did we make a mistake by not going to their church?" type of feelings. This morning, as we were readying ourselves, we decided to make the "call" on route.

we ended up at our friend's wee church.

No sooner did we walk in the door and the husband/Pastor sees us ... wow ... my wife has been talking about you guys all week. I knew we would see you soon. this is great. do you happen to have your bass and guitar in the trunk? We didn't, but I was able to help out by singing. The Lord focused on freedom during the music time.

freedom reigns in this place, showers of mercy and grace, falling on every face ... there is freedom.

one of the members shared how he had been blessed by a message earlier that week. It seems a man had been raised in one type of church that forbade dancing ... really saw it as evil. He couldn't seem to shake the desire to worship his God in that very way, though. One day, he literally lay down, prostrate, in front of a cross, and seemingly found his freedom. He may not be the most elegant dancer, but that was not the point of the story ... freedom was.

the rest of the message was talking about heaven ... and how we all have a place, right now, here on earth. We all need to find our "place". Nothing is worse than living a life of drugery. The kind of drugery that occurs because we are not doing what we were meant to do. All work can be hard, but there is a difference when you lay your head on your pillow at night and realize that you enjoyed the labour.

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