Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the happy problem

As things are beginning to wind down to a close for summer (yes!) we spent the morning here tying up loose ends.  The boys have been working really hard to fill the requirements for as many Cub and Scout badges they can before the year is out.  My oldest just brought home his beautiful canoe paddle ... complete with burnished initials and the year.  It is deserving of a home on his bedroom wall, made of Arizona Cypress, and waiting to be dipped in Bear Creek in June for the over-night canoe trip.  He spent the morning researching pinhole cameras. 

My youngest swims up the second week in May (becomes a Scout) and will make for easier badge work around here since they will be in the same troop again, meeting on the same day of the week (free date night for Ma and Pa!).  He was introduced to my beloved sewing machine and undertook the task of making bean bags.  His Dad helped him find an easy pattern on the Internet last night while I was at rehearsal.  So, what have I got to complain about?

The happy problem?

The ten year old, on his very first try, sews a straighter line than me.

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