Friday, April 6, 2007

just stay home, again or still

I was trying to take advantage of the fact that, being Good Friday, my husband is home for the whole day, when I stumbled upon some laughable quotes.  At least, they are laughable to me because my kids aren't subject to the "system".  As a matter of fact, here in Ontario, as homeschoolers we are free to do whatever we please, whenever it pleases us.  No school system needs to know we are even homeschooling at all.  My husband and I have chosen to let them know, usually, each year because we have had our boys in Public school for a few months, but it is not necessary and most of my friends don't bother.  You don't need a B.A. to homeschool in High School, though I happen to have one.  I am free to ask the local Principal if I may borrow textbooks, and he is free to tell me "no".  So far, the idea has not tempted me. 

I was looking online at the new and improved Ministry guidelines for public schools (grades K to 12 now that grade 13 has been abolished) and laughed outloud.  This is what I read under Science,

The development of skills and knowledge in science and technology is often related to learning in other subject areas. When planning programs, teachers should emphasize this cross-curricular learning by:

  • coordinating the teaching of related content in two or more subject areas

  • providing opportunities for students to work towards expectations in two or more subjects within one lesson.

Isn't this what homeschoolers have been doing forever?  If the "system" would like some help in diversifying, planning, writing curriculum and the like, why don't they just come and job shadow?

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