Friday, March 28, 2008

chapter nine of the swiss

This morning the boys worked on chapter nine of our study guide for The Swiss Family Robinson. So far they are enjoying this study as much as Cheaper by the Dozen, especially since I didn't seem to get so carried away with options. Not that that could ever possibly be a bad thing.

Here were the things to ponder for today ...

1. Do some research and compile a list of "noxious insects". Do any of these live where you live?

2. Find the definition for the following words:

copse squadron plumages endeavouring ascertain repast dispelled dispersed bulwark contrive

3. Father, using geometry, figures the angle needed to calculate the height of the tree. Can you, knowing this is a real challenge, devise a way to calcuate the proper angles if the height was discovered to be thirty feet? Could you find the formula needed if not actually discover the numbers?

4. Have you ever constructed your own bow and arrow? Give it a try today, when lessons are finished.

If you do not have a copy of the Dangerous Book for Boys, you might consider picking one up. It has incredible ideas for by-gone games and ideas for "a couple of kids staring at a pile of wood wondering what to do with it". It is one purchase you will not regret.

5. Why would father, now up high in the boughs of the tree, remark "with a greater sense of security than I had enjoyed since we landed on the island, (I) offer(ed) up our evening prayers and retir(ed) for the night?"