Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Simple Woman`s Daybook

FOR TODAY... Monday, August 25

Outside My Window... The neighbours cut down a field of tall grasses (taller than your head) so I can see them as they walk to work, carrying their machetes, or play soccer.

I am thinking... Mi hammimas me askim Mary Ann "yu go long Sios?" because she got to tell us her testimony about how she had Malaria for two years, was very sik long het na bel pas, na em singout strong "Nick" and Nick came to tell her about the gospel. No more roads for her is what she says. Only one pella rot, na bilong Jesus.

I am thankful for... meri worker bilong me, Mary Ann, na Vincencia, poro bilong me tru. It is nice to have new friends.

From the kitchen... The smell of the rice and banana bread we will kaikai long break, at ten kilok

I am wearing... A blue skirt that used to be a dress (ask Neal sometime) and a navy top.

I am creating... a legacy here, I trust.

I am going... mi go teach long school long 10 kilok.

I am reading... stuff about New Zealand for our new unit.

I am hoping... to stay healthy while in PNG

I am hearing... the sound of a coconut broom sweeping away the grass and dirt long haus bilong mi.

Around the house... those crows with the beady red eyes that kind of sound like Archie Bunker's wife, now that Neal mentions it.

One of my favorite things... good music

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: to still go ask Damaris to make me a meri blouse. I am nervous as my pisin just isn't what I want it to be.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


SmallWorld at Home said...

Is that where you can get on the internet? Or where can you get on??

Dawn said...

Love your blog - recently moved to New Zealand from Texas and doing Sonlight with my kids, just not yet to the stuff you're doing about NZ, I'll have to check it out!!

Barbara said...

oh my heart is breaking! I

totally just watched your youtube videos just to hear you sing.

Rob said...

I am enjoying learning your new language. Hope all is well.

Your new friends from MI,

Rob and Andrea

onfire in PNG said...

wow rc ... you must have some pretty racy stuff on your blog since dan's guardian won't even let me see it. oh, wait, dan's guardian blocked too ...
on second thought ...

wish we could have gotten together before we left for the other side of the world (and it is hot here). that game for your kids is on the top of our pile of boxes if you feel like driving to Neal's parents' place.