Monday, September 1, 2008

Tuesday Timetable

Today is one of my full days as I begin teaching at 9, right after the students all shower (gym class is at 8) and I don't finish until 2:45. I know it's boring to read, but it IS a slice of my life, so I write it anyway:

9:00 am MAP 4/5 English
10:00 am Mid Morning Break
10:20 am MAP 3 Eastern Hemisphere
11:10 am MAP 3 Language (Poetry, Grammar, Spelling, Creative Writing etc)
11:50 am Lunch Break
12:30 pm MAP 3 Read Aloud (which Candy now does, in her Australian accent)
1:15 pm MAP 3 and MAP 4/5 Music (I so stink at this in my mind)
2:00 pm MAP 4/5 English

I do miss homeschooling more than I can adequately express, but there is solace in the fact that I am using exclusively homeschool curriculum ... I just became a Mom of 29 kids, tasol!

MAP 4/5 is burning through Step 3 of Learn to Write the Novel Way, so I need to slow them down a little (for the stragglers) with help on verb tenses. The exercise they did last week was way over their heads, and partly over mine, too. I seemed to "get" the right answers most of the time but I don't use the terms and, frankly, don't find them all that necessary. Learn to Write has a LOT of variations of verb tenses and the students were lost once we hit past perfect progressive ... um, yah!

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K2 said...

past perfect progressive?? YIKES!! Me thinkin me no understand either... lol

And , by the way, you are a musical wonder! And isn't "learning" music just about appreciating it? and somehow using it to express yourself? I am confident that you will be able to teach them that..