Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tuesday timetable

today is PNG Independence Day, which also means getting online was more difficult than it normally is ... no school so everyone on the base trying to surf simultaneously. anyway, we went for a ride to a truly lovely beach today and I tried snorkeling sort of. I at least put the mask on periodically and stuck my head in the water. I think that counts. I saw a nemo fish ... looked like nemo, some brain coral, some black anemonies that I did not want to touch, some weird looking star fish that resembled rope and some other dead coral. this was maybe 20 feet out. amazing. I would love to see more ... maybe Friday, for the last day of school, term one, beach day. I also tried talking to some naked national kids but they were using their tok place and I could only understand half of what they said. we swam together and shared the mask anyway. sometimes words just don't matter.

this was for the school assembly yesterday.


SmallWorld at Home said...

So, so lovely! I am so envious of your life! I mean, I love my life, but you know what I mean...

K2 said...

So if your face even got remotely damp, that totally counts as snorkeling... just to confirm... lol
Looking good by the way! Awesome family photo :)