Monday, November 17, 2008

the simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY... Monday, November 17

Outside My Window... a felled tree being skillfully made into firewood, by Ben

I am thinking... that there is nothing simple about today

I am thankful for... doctors who choose to fly into base camps for just a weekend

From the kitchen... smells of twice baked potatoes, reheating

I am wearing... a white short sleeved top and a very pink skirt

I am creating... a melody in my head

I am going... to pray about Australia vs home

I am reading... not another missionary story, that is for sure

I am hoping... that the guilt goes away and the answer comes clearly and swiftly; the Lord taking it out of my hands and deciding for me

I am hearing... my oldest humming when, if it were me, I would be scared out of my tree, huddled in my room, bemoaning my condition, or something like that anyway

Around the house... softly falling rain, clouds in the sky, the quiet stillness that comes when teenagers have been away all weekend and are just.plain.exhausted

One of my favorite things... options

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... making the decision and sticking to it, no matter what anyone else says

Here is picture thought I am sharing ...


SmallWorld at Home said...

Australia vs. home?

Anonymous said...

Leave it to God. HE WILL ANSWER U !!! \O/ Love Mom and Dad :-)

K2 said...

FYI - I sent out a "please pray" email.. and for people to forward.. and I've already received it back again - God is GOOD

Barbara said...

You know that which ever way you decide we will be loving you and supporting you. The Lord will make it clear and there is no shame in staying or going.

Rob said...


Rob in Detroit

halfpint said...

thanks for your picture to brighten the day. No snow here but I hear there is some in Sarnia? Maybe Barb has some then?