Monday, November 10, 2008

tuesday timetable

I am trying to be decidedly quieter this week for many reasons. not sure if any of them are entirely valid, but I will continue on in my happy experiment until I cannot stand it any longer. that was simply for information, by the way.

I had to cancel an appointment with one of my students, for tomorrow afternoon, as she may have broken a toe out on the soccer field. she is going to town to have it x-rayed. I hope for her sake that it is just a sprain.

yesterday, during church, the guard dog (at our end) was put down. I am not completely sad, especially after rocky bit my neighbour the day I acidentally let him (rocky, not the neighbour) slip out of the fence. oops. after that, the german shepherd just seemed way more scary and smelled a lot more stinky. I will spare you the gory details of his last month of life, except to say that he got a bit of an infection and as is common in the tropics, things went from bad to worse rapidly. the details could make a stephen king novel. we now have two dogs filling his one place, temporarily, until a better solution can be found.

this weekend will find neal and I childless, as the boys head down the road for a Spiritual Emphasis Weekend. they are looking forward to getting to know their classmates on a different level and I am happy to be able to send them. it also means that I have a day off of teaching this week, friday to be precise, as the students leave at 8:30am.

speaking of 8:30am, I just have to let you know that this morning, before 9, the temperature was already 33 Celcius with the humidity at 90 percent. have you ever wished that on another human being? let's just say "we felt it" ... wow.then the rain came.
around 4pm.
mi amamas.
ren i pun daun.

in other riveting news, my students embark on step 8 of Learn to Write the Novel Way tomorrow and having looked over each one's initial attempts at writing, I am kind of impressed.
still unmotivated myself, but impressed nonetheless.
that has to count for something.


Nil said...

ren i pundaun insait long su bilong yu?

K2 said...

"in other riveting news..."

LOL - LOVE the sarcasm.. can totally hear you saying it..

Barbara said...

I'm thinking Nil just said something between a husband and wife? aren't we all curious to know...

onfire in PNG said...

sorry to disappoint ... he was asking me, literally, if the rain was falling down into my shoe.

Rob said...

Fancy boots!