Friday, January 16, 2009

friday freefall

i almost cannot believe how cold it has been this week. it hardly seems possible that i have gone from one extreme (typically 120 F, with around 96 percent humidity in Papua New Guinea) to the other (average of minus 22 C with a windchill making things feel closer to minus 30 C)... now i am back in canada so we use celcius

i felt sorry for the pregnant goats this morning as i watched them shivering, waiting for their feed. yikes. i forgot to wear a touque to the barn so had quite a headache for about an hour after coming back into the warm house. it has been while since i felt this cold

and in other non-exciting news, i ate balogna today for lunch, for the first time in over six months for sure.
some things never change

... some things really should

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K2 said...

I haven't been able to stomach bologna since I was about 8.. I'm in awe of you..