Friday, January 30, 2009

friday freefall

this is going to seem so anti-climactic from yesterday, but that is me.
first off, let me just say

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a really great kid ... mine. Jonam turned fourteen today and is, of course, still in bed. Gotta love homeschooling and teenage hood.
Guess I will have to wish him a great year later.

another thing that got me going this morning was the fact that I am constantly being asked by people how in the world I can stay so organized. I used to think I wasn't organized at all, or particularly neat, until I had to spend copious amounts of time in other people's houses. Um ... yah, I no longer question either my organizational skills or my cleanliness.

so, as I was getting ready for a cup of morning tea, I thinked a thunk and decided to just go ahead and let you know the things that seem to work for me. I have been doing things this way for my whole life. It started with my mom teaching me to wash and wipe as you go. so I never really have to do a major cleaning in my house when it comes to sinks, stove tops or counters. really. if it splashes, wipe it up.
then my dad taught me to think in terms of the lowest common denominator when cooking or baking. easy. it saves so much time in clean up it almost isn't funny ... until I watch my kids try to prepare a meal and the measuring cups and bowls begin to stack (which is also precisely when they claim they make everyone sick when they wash the dishes so, really, things go better, health wise, when I wash up. right.) more on that when I get to my kitchen.

ok, so here is where you interrupt me, saying "but aren't you one of those first-born types who are all cholicy and demanding? you probably stand behind your poor kids all day with a whip, bossing them around so your house stays in order. yah ... while I eat bonbons and watch the satellite tv I don't have.

true, I am a little over-bearing at times, but that is usually followed by some heart-felt conversation with a child or two admitting that they aren't carrying their weight like they should and can they help me with something? good kids.

while I am a first-born, and perhaps that does mean organizing comes a little more naturally to me, I am also one of those sucky baby last born types who prefers to go play over work. you know, all work and no play makes jack a dull ... wait, that is totally another post.

let me quickly take you to my bedroom, first, then next time I'll hit another area. wouldn't want to make a post too long ...

in our bedroom we have one three drawer dresser, a wee closet (not exaggerating, ask Barb. she's seen it) to share and a bed. we will be adding a side table for my husband as soon as we find one we like. the alarm clock on the floor thing isn't so "me".
so, how does this work? well, I adopted a philosophy a long, long time ago, probably from living with my mother the clutter queen (yes, she knows I think this. yes, she reads my blog. yes, she will be fine with the title) that the problem solver ISN'T going out and getting MORE dressers or slamming through the wall to steal the closet belonging to my other son (though the idea did cross our minds last night, briefly. it was a short-lived moment of weakness).

the idea is this: get rid of some of your clothes

let me tell you just how many articles of clothing I have right now, so you know.
two turtlenecks (it is mighty frigid here compared to Papua)
one button down casual shirt
three skirts
two jeans, one beige cords, one beige cargo pants, one dress pants, one pair of yoga pants which are nicer looking than regular sweats but I don't wear outside
three t-shirts
two 3/4 sleeve shirts
three long sleeve dressier shirts
one dress
a few meri blaus'that I can wear because I am just that weird
two sweatshirts
one long sleeve thin hoodie
three nice tank tops to wear under hoodie
a really pretty black dress top
socks, underwear, tights ... in a small shoebox so I can have all in the one drawer
6 sweaters


Papa Neal Guinea said...

Not only do we share a wee closet, but sharing a bed saves space too!

Anonymous said...

Whoo hooo I love my "previously only know to a select few title" \O/ Gotta go and look through my clothes to see what can go to Goodwill. :-) Love XX Mom

halfpint said...

Sounds like you could whip my clutter into shape :)