Thursday, January 1, 2009

thursday throwback

there is a picture of us in yet another airport, waiting for the shuttle service to pick us up. I think it was in Hong Kong, really REALLY early in the morning but thankfully only a two hour time difference (so far).

Hong Kong is one place I would like to see again. Such technology juxtaposed with immense beauty. Didn't spend enough time searching its shores but glad I had the opportunity to go. I really like what I have seen of Asia.

I bought some silk placemats and a pillow cover while there. Neal bought a cheesy watch and paid too much for it but we did need to know what time it was. The boys each chose a souvenir also. I did bring home a silk fan for me and one for B, of course. Hopefully they last the years ... you never know.

One thing that was a bit overwhelming in Hong Kong, particularly, was all the high end shops. I didn't go in any. There were door men, wearing gloves and suits, allowing a small percentage of shoppers inside.
Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Dolche and Gabana, Mc Donalds ... stuff like that.
I have very little vested interest but it was still kind of cool to see the displays in the shop windows. Some of the dresses were simply stunning.
... and the gold ...
it looked fake but there sure was lots of it.

I passed.

So, yah, it was just another field trip for this humble homeschooling family. I mean, you can't study the country of China for six weeks, make a killer lapbook and, like, NOT go, can you?

(wouldn't life be amazing if it were always that way? giggle.)