Tuesday, January 20, 2009

tuesday timetable

I don't want to bore you with all the details but this week is certainly filling up quickly.
Tonight we go sign the papers for our new house along with giving up all our savings to make the down payment and pay the lawyer fees. I am still surprised in many ways that we are financially able to do this at all. No, we don't have all the money we need to pay our credit cards off yet ... it cost a small fortune to get back home so our son can have his surgery. I just think it is so cool that the Lord allowed us to sell our home 7 months ago, make a profit for the first time in our marriage, place that money in a bond, have it actually gain interest rather than lose, and become a blessing in the form of a down payment. I never imagined things would start coming together this quickly. The couple we are buying from already own a second home; a fixer-upper since that is what he does for a living.

Also, in other newsworthy news, I got my Sonlight stuff. Have I really told you how impressed I am by all they have to offer yet? Honestly. It has been worth every penny we scraped together to buy Alt 7 (which we will tweak to use over the rest of this year and next). I was beginning to doubt my knowledge, however ... small surprise for this insecure melancholy ... when I began last Monday.
The History assignment just didn't exist in any of my papers. I called Neal over to show me my error, sure I had just had another brain fart, only he couldn't find it either.
Then I noticed some other things in the Guides that just weren't adding up in my brain. I didn't really worry too much, though, since I constantly remind myself that I failed my first attempt at grade 9 math and went steadily downhill from there.
I totally remember like yesterday ... the red spiraled poster in the guidance office, showing me all the occupations I was "kissing" goodbye by not choosing to further my maths. I even hated that word: maths. If I didn't actually kiss my hand and blow it toward the poster, I wanted to. but I digress ...

Anyway, I finally pondered the possibility that these things were NOT a result of a faulty brain and maybe, just maybe, a mistake in the Guide. So I e-mailed Sonlight.

Imagine my delight that they not only personally answered my e-mail, but they fixed all my problems in one single blow (they have a link to any changes to the Guides complete with downloads to print out so you have the updated version, which, in the end, was the simple fix I had needed all along and just didn't know about the service ... love it) they did it in less than ten minutes if my clock is right.

so, on with my happy day ...


Anonymous said...

Whoo hooo! \O/ God is good daughter dear :-) Love Mom

K2 said...

You truly do have the hand of God in your lives K1! You are blessed and I am soooo so happy for you guys! Can't wait to christen the new digs with a girly movie/scraptastic weekend!!
P.S. Love the new pic of you


Luke said...

I'm always pleased to hear that Sonlight has come through for you in customer support. Yay!