Tuesday, February 3, 2009

all in a day's work

so, we finished reading Mara, Daughter of the Nile, and while I really enjoyed it, the boys thought it could have been better with way more blood and fighting and none of the romance.

funny how much they loved reading it until around chapter 10 or so. A serious breech occurred in their thinking and tolerance levels then. my husband and I just laughed and decided that it is high time they expanded their horizons. we think we need to rent way more "old" movies from the library now, instead of always getting the "new" stuff.

mental note to self: what *I* enjoyed as a teen in the 80's is NOT necessarily a great way to expand a child's horizon.

our read-aloud right now is The Golden Goblet, and the boys are simply begging me to please.can.you.just.read.one.more.chapter.today? I have to admit to finding it pretty darn exciting, too.

and in other news, I almost got suckered in by a scam-virus thing only it didn't work all the way because I have my trusty English Degree. can you imagine if I had crashed this new-ish laptop all because I believed you didn't need any suffix on the end of the word "need" when it applies to a direction, read: your computer need(s) to be fixed.

*suffix "s" added skillfully by Kristina Campbell, B.A.


Fabricated Goddess said...

Atta girl! Fighting crime, one suffix at a time.

40winkzzz said...

(1) The Golden Goblet was THE book that got us doing nightly family reading. I'd been reading it to the kids during our schoolday (this was 5 yrs ago), but one day we didn't get to it and so I read it in the evening while Hubz listened raptly along. From then on I was not allowed to read it to the kids unless he was present as well! Our read-aloud lit has been an evening affair ever since.

(2) I got that same scam on my computer. Tried to take the page right over, didn't it? I was already suspecting that it was a scam, but it was the "need to be fixed" that confirmed it for me!

Luke said...

I'm going to agree: Mara does take a turn toward the end there... [smile]

Way to catch those scammers. Use that college degree. Oh yeah! [smile]


Anonymous said...

Yup ! $$$$$ well spent :-) Love Mom \O/