Sunday, May 31, 2009

bye bye tooth fairy

... you know you have "arrived" and are looking at a new level of maturity in your youngest child when, discovering that another tooth has become permanently dislodged, he rolls down the car window and emphatically hoarks it out onto the road than announces, quite simply:

"I lost another tooth"

either that or it simply means you've gone a little too country for too long


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Evan - are you expecting some kind of recompense? Please don't tell me that you no longer believe in the Tooth Fairy!!
Love, Granddad

Neally-Bob said...

I dun lost nudder tooth, ma!

Anonymous said...

No tooth - no $$ Hmm! Love Mummo :-)

Barbara said...

That! is exquisite. Nicely done, my friend. Nicely done. Looking forward to the time when my kids don't expect me to keep all their teeth in little jars around the house to "look at some day", where I promptly forget I have stashed them, only to open them down the road to be grossed out by the sight of dried blood on puny little teeth bits. bleh.

(Sorry Mr. A for that run on sentence!) :-)

K2 said...

OH MAN. I laughed out loud. For a long period of time. Can totally picture it. Classic!