Tuesday, May 5, 2009

tuesday timetable

well, today I go to get my new tattoo. I will say God willing even though it seems slightly sacrilegious in this setting.

I was thinking of putting to pen, for you, the myriad of reasons that I am:
A. getting a tattoo
B. why I chose the design I did
C. how I am not going to go to hell for it

but then recalled my own reaction to a fellow homeschooling mom when she showed off her latest addition. It is a tiger lily and quite well done, but as the crowd began gathering around, she suddenly said that she chose a lily because of the scripture that talks about the lilies of the valley and
even *I* said ... oh, shut up.

so reasons I have but only pictures will I post, and they will have to wait until tomorrow.


Duct Tape Chronicles said...

I have one too; no justification needed. Mine is not a very good one and it took mea year before I realized that they had mispelled 'Deuteronomy'..no joke. They switched the order of the 'E' and the 'U'. How many people can actually say they have a mispelled tatoo? It just seems fitting for me somehow.

SmallWorld at Home said...

You make me laugh and so does Duct Tape!

Queenofthehill said...

I admire your restraint. I always want to say too many words.

I'm certain you aren't going to hell and I can't wait to see pictures!

Duct Tape Chronicles said...

...I just realized that I misspelled 'misspelled.' Brilliant.

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