Monday, June 29, 2009

monday madness

though I truly love my life right now, I am thinking that it should slow down a little. maybe.
it is only 4:46pm and I have already:
attended an Art in the Park meeting where I am secretary
did a small grocery shop so the kittens don't starve
ate lunch
drove to pick two flats of berries, realized I was dressed completely stupidly for said task but did it anyway ... picture to follow because now you are curious
(the donut preceeding the berry picking helped)
drove home
changed clothes so I could mow the lawn
got caught in the rain
noticed grass plastered to my legs so I showered
gathered laundry to start load
sat down to realize I haven't blogged since wednesday.
honestly wondered how many things other bloggers leave undone (again or still, however you want to look at it)
realized I should be making supper, not blogging ...


Anonymous said...

And again I say..... "that's my girl" \O/ Love Mom XX

Barbara said...

You are gooooood lookin', girly!

Duct Tape Chronicles said...

Oh, but you look purty.

40winkzzz said...

that would definitely not be a good outfit in which to pick berries. all the better to say, "oh, boys, i just realized i'm not dressed for this. i guess you'll have to do all the picking while i sit in the shade and supervise. so sorry."

youngest and i picked some on friday-- only 4 qts, but at least it was something.

what was that about a donut? it better not have been a jelly doughnut. that was supposed to be for me. (see fb post.)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but, despite what our American neighbours choose to (wrongly) believe, it is NOT "do Nut" it is a dough-nut. As in made from dough. Do is a verb, not a tasty treat. -bro