Thursday, June 11, 2009

thursday throwback

last friday, my husband and I had the amazing opportunity to go.away.without.children.


I really don't need to say anything more, do I? but I will ... because God gave me lots of words.
we phoned the name of a b&b we have always wanted to go to but didn't get them in person. never mind, we are the adventurous type, so we jumped in the 'bevs' and started driving. my only requirements for the night/next day were:

1. I want to go away overnight somewhere
2. I want to see some art

wouldn't you know that the city had organized the SpOtlight event for the whole weekend? crazy cool. and half an hour into our drive, we got a call from little city farm, saying their room was available for us! yes!
the food is all organic, vegetarian/vegan and local. not to mention gourmet and delicious. the next day, little city farm was also hosting a slew of workshops, like creating and using natural dyes, carding and spinning, cold-press soap making, tinctures and so much more. I was in crunchy heaven.

I so want to go back here again soon.


N said...

Hey... I'll go with you!

K2 said...


Well, I mean that we can have a girls only time..K1 and K2... ;) harhar

I CAN Do It said...

Our get-aways help me appreciate my home time more! Thanks for reading my HOTM article. I no longer am in the public school frame of mind that my child won't need me much now that she is a teenager. I think it is a shame how I used to fool myself as a public school parent.