Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ch ch ch changes

I have had a ridiculous number of changes in my life recently that have forced things to turn in ways I never thought they would. I suppose it is rather ironic that I am so wigged out at times over this as change really should be my middle name. I am spur of the moment, surprising even myself sometimes. Neal even gets in on the act now and then, like last Tuesday night, when he ordered an Ice Cap.

I seriously thought it was Armageddon.

Some of the changes are way not cool. Some are fantastic. Almost all are out of my control, thus my ensuing panic. In any case, it gives me reason to blog, and I am ok with that ... for now.

Tomorrow I start a new "paying" job, to clarify for the three people who insulted me last week by suggesting it is great that I am finally "contributing" and that "any job" is a good thing for me.


I am not entirely sure I have processed the "it's over Kristina" part. The only reasonable thing to do, now, is to plan the next time. (especially since I have noted that Cincinnati is all about the hotdog)

did he buy this?

happiest of birthdays, in TN

it so IS Skyline time!


Randy Small said...

love the pic with all of your new converse :-) super-fast indeed, and super-wet there at the end! our shoes are still sitting out on the picnic table, slowly drying...

so how was Eden Park? how did you like Skyline?

Onfire said...

Eden Park is beautiful and I think the boys enjoyed it but mostly we walked around like zombies, wishing the icee vendor booth had been open.

Skyline was awesome! We ordered what you said. Three coneys and a three way, Skyway. The waitress divided it onto four plates, even.(so.much.cheese.)
We hit some bad rain but nothing catastrophic.

missing it all so much.

Bethany, aka 40winkzzz said...

paying job. i should get me one of those. any job. so i can, y'know, contribute.

or whatever.

so are you going to tell us exactly what it is for which you are going to be paid?

Your Love Crush said...

yes.. he did buy this, by the way...