Sunday, June 20, 2010


last night I dreamt I went to my husband's office. while there, I managed to:

1. accidentally set off the security alarm. in case you were wondering, yes, the sound was both piercing and obviously my fault.

2. get asked to take minutes for a meeting of over 150 people because of my vast minute taking experience with art in the park, petrolia. (because that would happen in real life)

3. participate in a sweet, coreographed lego battle complete with stage and set, as listed under subsection 5.0 on the agenda. my facial expressions during the mechanical crab vs. spider on a stick scene were prime. you had to be there. I was given the spider on a stick, f.y.i. and I mertalized the crab. oh yeah.

then I woke up.

I figure this could be the result of a possible two circumstances:

1. I got a tetanus shot yesterday that I wasn't expecting

2. I ate at king's buffet ... it's mostly chinese ... I ate a lot


The dB family said...

*snort* *giggling* I hope you weren't too seriously injured. Ouch!


Bethany, aka 40winkzzz said...

i was going to ask why the bear hadn't shown up this time, but i suppose the security alarm scared him off.