Tuesday, July 27, 2010

does yelling at someone's back count?

so, today, just as I was beginning to believe that nothing blogworthy could possibly happen, I was proved wrong


a guy came into the store and ASKED FOR DIRECTIONS!
I mean, really asked, like had my co-worker physically point the directions out ... including visuals, such as:

no, I don't mean go to straight at the driveway with the lights (there are two driveways, if you can call them that, that lead out of the stripmall thing where our store is), but this driveway, straight from here.  (she was the goddess of directionality at that moment and we were all duly impressed)

I mean, how incredible is that?  a MAN purposefully CAME INTO THE STORE TO ASK FOR DIRECTIONS ... are you feeling this?

so I immediately turned to the girls working with me and said "this is blogworthy.  no, seriously ... should I ask his permission?  'cause you know we discussed the asking permission thing recently"

and he was almost out of the store when I totally yelled: "is it ok if I blog about you?!"

but he didn't hear me.
yes, I actually yelled the question.

yes, it would seem I blogged about him anyway.

yes, he was even cute.

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Bethany, aka 40winkzzz said...

i am glad that you are finding blogworthy things AND making the time to actually blog about them, because you are quite amusing.

i was going to say something to that effect about last week's "hi i'm thursday..." post, but i didn't get around to it bc i am lazy like that. now i see it is sitting there with zero comments and that's just wrong bc it was a really good post. so i think i will go comment there, too.