Thursday, July 22, 2010

hello, my name is thursday and i suck

so, at work today, during lunch, i noticed that my iphone was pooched.  i am not impressed.  i try many things, including eating cake that said "happy birthday mo fo".  it didn't work. 
well, it sort of did but i mean it didn't work on the phone.

i get home, all the while remembering why i hate listening to the radio in the car (because i normally listen to my itunes which are all on my iphone), thinking "maybe this phone will miraculously raise from the dead." 
i love jesus ... it could happen.

but it didn't

i think it was neal's forcefield.  i got cranky with him last night because he turned my phone ON after i had already turned it OFF.  it is an unspoken rule that he should instinctively know having lived with me for more than 16 years, but whatever.

in any case, here is what happened at future shop unnamed sucky customer service store. (because we went to talk to the people at the customer service wicket, and even pointed out to them that they were standing underneath the customer service sign.  neal making a rainbow-like arch with his arms, for emphasis)

incidentally, they were completely unmoved by the sentiment implied by said sign

neal (because i was getting snippy): so, what i'm hearing from you is that although we pay a monthly fee for service, and we physically drove half an hour so we could say we were "present" in your store, you are unable to take our name and phone number so that you can call us when the iphone 4 arrives, so we can exchange our broken one for a working one?

customer service girl:  yes

neal: so, even though we are in a store that is all about technology, you are not able, even, to write our contact information on a sticky note and alert the rest of the staff in the particular department that we need to be made aware of the day that the iphone 4 is available for sale, so you can actually honour our warranty?

customer service girl:  yes

neal:  wow

customer service girl:  blank stare

me:  all inside voice, but rhymes with pluck, and follows "what the ..."

i think i already have the withdrawl shakes.

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Bethany, aka 40winkzzz said...

there is nothing sadder than a really entertaining blog post with zero comments. i am here to remedy that situation. you're welcome.

btw, i must admit that i was really stumped by that word-that-rhymes-with-pluck thing. i had to go through half the alphabet before i could figure out what word you were talking about. and i must say that i am really shocked and disappointed that you would think the word "muck" at someone. because that is like a euphemism for the s-word, you know.

and "withdrawl"-- isn't that what happens when you leave tennessee and head back north?