Thursday, October 14, 2010


so I jumped in the truck this morning, early, since I had the day off and neal was heading to kincardine.  I thought the ride was excellent ... all that colour in the trees, all the glorious way up.  I have never been to kincardine before, but I knew that sugarshack tattoos would be open so I decided to see about this tattoo I have in mind.  turned out that the artist who can create what I am envisioning was working today and was available for a consultation.  it also turns out that he is a suomalainen.  that is pretty cool to me.
so we discussed the design, and felt pretty comfortable with each other, believing we were seeing eye to eye on things like colour, line, size, abstract vs realism, old school vs modern, etc. there is a LOT to discuss before letting someone stick you with needles and inject ink into your body. 
he was able to book a whole day for the appointment, in december.  he figures it will take five hours max.  and it will be up to me if I let him finish in one appointment or split it into two. 

neal is getting one done on the same day.  the design has already been completed for his, though.  I will find out what mine will look like once jarkko has finished his drawing, based on all the thoughts/sketches/pictures we have given him. 
guess i'd better get saving ...

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