Friday, November 12, 2010

fog day

... except of course there is no longer any fog to be seen.
at first i was disturbed by that, because i had been looking forward to having the house all to my lonesome for six hours, thinking of all the wonderfully girly things i could do sans criticisms from boy-types.
it isn't that i dislike my offspring or hanging out with them.  quite the contrary when you consider my track record over the last almost sixteen years.
this week has just seemed very long and i was craving some silence.
work is never silent
which is fine
except when it's not, if you know what i mean
and i don't feel guilty about wanting some peace and quiet for a few hours at this stage of my life.
but then, when i couldn't seem to think of anything blogworthy on my own, youngest son comes to my rescue and i am thankful for boys at home and noises and fog days once again.

this one's for tim carmical.  it's some serious dang:

they made me eat my beard

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