Thursday, November 4, 2010

music on the brain

sometimes i like to torture myself, going over and over in my mind all the things i wish i made time for but instead replace with easy things like watching gilmore girls on dvd because i never knew the show existed until last year (thanks to K2).
or just forgetting everything else and making a tea instead (and usually letting it get cold, having taken only three or four sips)
or picking up my guitar and deciding that playing music is good for my brain (which it really is) and maybe even better for my brain than the thing i was really supposed to be doing.

this day i did something entirely productive.  i picked up a book that is going to prove that choosing guitar over everything else is incredibly smart.  thanks, brother!

*spoiler warning:  cheesy xylophone music as this webpage loads.  like really cheesy. 

this is your brain on music

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