Monday, December 13, 2010

skeletons in my closet

What's one thing about your body that's secretly concerning you/freaking you out right now?

yah, right ... I'm not touching that one.
plus, it wouldn't be very secret then, would it.
I will, however, recap a recent phone call I had with my mom that went very nearly like this:

mom: so, what are you getting done Thursday?
me: well, I haven't seen the final drawing yet, but we left our artist with a skeleton drawing and we talked about it for a long time.
mom: (a hint of raised eyebrow in her voice) so ... what is the significance of the skeleton that you are getting?
me: MOM ... a skeleton drawing, as in not containing a lot of detail, not a skeleton tattoo ... sheesh!  you are seriously the least judgemental person on the face of this earth, though, just to know.
mom: laughing hysterically.  well, I wanted to support you in whatever you are doing and I just figured there must be a reason my daughter is having a skeleton tattooed on her arm.
me: yah, because that is exactly what I would do.

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