Saturday, January 29, 2011


ok, wow
i could not in a million years have surprised myself any better than i just did.
so i told youngest boy to suit up and go shovel because:
a. um, i'm not going to
b. he's broke and it's his brother's sixteenth tomorrow and i'll pay him
c. because i'm needed INside ... for something

so then i went into the bedroom and got instantly (more of a lingering constant, really, but i digress) cranky at my husband because he leaves all this crap lying around when there are, i am sure, perfectly good places to at least shove it out of my sight.
so i started cleaning up after him
this fuels my anger
this must be why i do it so often
anyway, i open up the door to his side table and see this cracker barrel bag with slim jims sticking out the top. i am half curious, half jealous because my first thought is why does he have a stash that i don't have? and, no, i do not like slim jims but that is totally not the point here. this goes back to my childhood, with my brother, when he would somehow make his candy etc last way longer than i ever could then taunt me with it when i was at my most desperate moment.
well, i just had to look inside that cracker barrel bag (yes, my husband keeps gifts for me at work because he also knows i am a brutal snoop)


a bag of stocking stuffer candy we completely forgot about!

this is the best saturday in ever.

you are way my bestie

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