Wednesday, January 5, 2011

friend or foe?

today's prompt is to tell about the day I was born ... except I already did just a little while ago, here.
and really all I can think about is the teaser I was tentatively promised, by e-mail, today.
I hope it comes.
Oh I hope it comes.
and when and if it comes, I might share it with you, too.  I haven't decided.

it was a fantastic day at work even though the drive in was kind of crappy in some places, what with the ice and all, so I had to drive extra smartly because I have somehow misplaced  totally lost my license. 
Incidentally, I love it when people ask, in all seriousness, where did you lose it?
because, um, yah ... if i KNEW ... hello!
so, I can only drive to places that are not far away right now.  which is all I ever really do anyway, unless you are in kitchener-waterloo.  then I will drive to see you because kitchener-waterloo is pretty much my new favourite.

which brings me to the friend I wish to talk about today because the whole month is about friends.  in actuality, this is my least favourite friend of ever.  my fake friend's name is future shop.  let's face it, we are not friends at all.  not even close.  today I found out that the stupid $10 a month protection plan I stupidly signed up for doesn't give me any stupid protection from anything at all.  that is so stupid.  AND there ain't no way out, bucko.  I'm locked in for like a billion and a half more years, completely unprotected.  future shop is my worst friend.

so, now I have to find a fixer-upper kit on the internets and
in the meanwhile, I get to use a phone which I accidentally made look really stupid, matching, at least, the protection plan that it came with.

at least I now have january 27 to look forward to! 

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