Friday, January 7, 2011


this girl I have known for a long while now, thanks to a job my husband had many moons ago. I got to know her though him and, voila ... the rest is very happy history.
we do the craziest things together just because we can.
I love hanging out with her and her very cool daughter (she puts up with a lot and doesn't make too much fun of us "old people")
kerrie feels like family.
she introduced me to gilmore girls and I will forever thank her for that piece of glorious hilarity in my life. I actually text her quotes and she can pretty much always tell me what episode it was from. and she never spoils the plot.
now that is a friend.
she dances with me in the garden, eats copious amounts of chocolate when we really should be in bed already, tolerates more rice and meatballs than anyone should probably eat in a year, leaves me gifties to discover long after she's left my house, and listens to all my garbage.
... and there's been a lot of garbage over the years.

we scrap every now and again, too, but only in the best way ;)
we have a few rituals, as friends, that only we share and that is pretty cool in and of itself if you think about it. kind of like shared family traditions. I wouldn't trade them for the world.
I wouldn't trade her, either.
I love that she drives here whenever she can, just so we can hang.
I love that we share books
I love that she loves to text me as much as I love to text her.
I love that she bakes (and shares)
I love that she loves tea. really. that is huge to me.
I love that I have an audio recording of her screaming. priceless.
I love that she made magnets out of the most retarded picture of us ever.
I love that she simply laughs at me, instead of running away.

kerrie is just plain the bomb.

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