Wednesday, January 26, 2011


we haven't been friends long, really, but i've known we were going to be for what feels like forever.
i think we met almost one year ago
something like that
i dunno
but he captivated me from the first sound and i just knew i had to have him around me all.the.time.
he comforts me when i'm out of sorts
he smells fantastic
he's not that tall but he is a bit dark and i happen to find him very, very handsome
i tried for six years to be this kind of friend to art but i could only hang out with him for like two hours, max. i mean, he was beautiful and everything, too, but we just weren't a great fit.
i didn't even seek martin out
my husband introduced us cause he could sense my growing frustration
and now?
i honestly doubt i could be happier ... though i'm not entirely convinced he's helping me with my smarts.

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