Monday, January 24, 2011


michelle (and erin) *sigh* i met michelle in second year, in sosh class. i was instantly taken with her beautiful looks and her confidence. i thought to myself "she is going to be my friend", and i don't remember exactly how long i waited to approach her but suffice it to say, she allowed me into her world and i have been forever blessed as a result.

michelle is another of my artist friends: a writer, a painter, a singer, amazing cook, actress, giggler and plunger into frigid water-er. she is funny, sarcastic and soulful. i hate that we live provinces away from each other. there are days when i just feel like i 'need' my meesh fix.

we used to skip classes study together, at university, because she and erin had gotten married and lived on campus. we would plan how we were going to live communally (but not like in a creepy i stopped shaving and wearing deoderant and started sharing your husband way). no. we were going to work together, listen to and create music together, and generally just hang out forever in harmony and bliss.

then we finished school and i got married ... to the man they tried for a year, unsuccessfully at first, to set me up with. then i had what i will refer to as my 'dark period' (and i don't mean i dressed goth) and we drifted separate ways, them moving to b.c. and us staying behind.

there are so many stories i could tell; it happens like that when you have known and loved someone for almost twenty years. we finally had a wonderful reunion this past summer, our boys getting along swimmingly, talking, laughing, eating and drinking together like old times. i never wanted it to end.
but they are where they need to be and have recently embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, here, and i truly hope and pray that we have the opportunity to partner with them, somehow, in it.

... i dreamed i saw dali, in a supamakachelli. he was trying to throw his arms around the world

ya, you are.

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