Monday, February 28, 2011

the best and the worst

Who's your favorite character from a movie that came out in the last year? Who's your least favorite character?

 I thought it would be easy to answer this question since I feel that I watch a fair number of movies at home.  then I researched the top 50 movies of 2010 and discovered I have only seen one. 


I need to realize that purchasing vhs movies from value village and goodwill does not count as staying "current".  I do, however, like the price of $1 or less very, very much.  and I occasionally branch out and make purchases from the $5 or under bins at reputable grocery stores, also.  I'm in transition.

so, the only movie I watched, from the top 50 website I went to, was the King's Speech.  and I only just saw that in theatres a month ago ... which, correct me if I'm wrong, was in 2011, not 2010 but, clearly, I am not an authority on television or movies.

my favourite character in the King's Speech was Queen Elizabeth.  her endurance, her tenacity, her helpfulness in love and her obvious hope in a time of adversity was not only admirable but also believable.  who wouldn't succeed with a partner like that?  she was a minor character, for sure, but sometimes the ones in the background are those making the most meaningful waves, in the end. 

my least favourite character, from a movie I also saw in the theatre, and it was most definitely in the year 2010, is from Iron Man 2.  I loved the iron man movies.  but I just got the heebie jeebies in such a huge way every time Whiplash came out.  like: seriously. grossed. out. wanted. to. leave. ew, ew, ew! least favourite character.  he was just so greasy and cheesy and his whips bugged me so much!  seriously ... I can't even write about him any more.

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