Tuesday, February 22, 2011


If you were stranded on a desert island, what ten things would you want in your pockets?

first off, let me say I would want to clarify which island I would like to be stranded on, except I have only ever been to a few, and only one was tropical.  I would NOT care to be stranded on the island I read about in Life of Pi.  No sir.  gross people-eating trees. 
and I would NOT like to be stranded on an island with malaria because my house building skills are severely lacking and I would not be able to tolerate the high doses of medication needed to combat said malaria, either.

so, assuming I am only stranded on a desert island because I chose to be ( for, like, maybe two days )  I would conveniently have, in my pockets, the following:

  1. a fully charged, long lasting ipod with only good music that I like on it
  2. a pack of Fun Dip ... it would have apple, orange and grape and only one lick stick that would not break
  3. sunglasses
  4. a full water bottle
  5. a postcard with a great print on it that I could look at over and over and not grow bored of
  6. a copy of a book that would pierce my soul upon reading it
  7. a photo album with a supurb picture of every person I love in it
  8. a papermate 0.7 lead refillable pencil ( the design on the outside can not be ugly )
  9. a brown, leather-bound book of blank, handmade paper
  10. a packet of lemonade crystals

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