Monday, March 7, 2011


I read a favourite blog of mine today that really spoke volumes to me.  I struggle with perfectionism in some areas of my life big time.  but I like what he said, in his post, let me paraphrase ... 90% perfect and out there is way better than 100% perfect but still in your head.

so the question today was: what's one thing that scares you right now, and why should you make a real effort to face that fear and do it anyway?

there are actually a lot of things that scare me right now, but there was one thing I decided to just go ahead and do, already, last weekend, and that was to play my guitar and sing in front of an audience for more than just two songs.
in fact, I performed 22 songs, some covers, some covers of covers that I composed, and some originals.
I felt sick with nerves the whole stinking time but I did it.
and the author of that blog I like was right ... doing the thing that you are passionate about is always better than just thinking about doing the thing ... even if it means that you only get A- on delivery.  how can anyone tell you how what you did made them feel if it always stays stuck in your head?  how can someone tell you, heaven forbid, that they may even have enjoyed what you did if you never share it?

and lately I've been thinking I might even be brave enough to try it again.

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