Monday, April 18, 2011

the tree

If you could have a tree in your yard that would sprout anything, what type of tree would you have?

my very first thought, accompanied by a happy sigh, was avacados.
what I wouldn't give for an avacado tree. we really really dig them in this house and would, honestly, make good on a tree like that.
we could even set up a road side stand and sell the extras, in lieu of the 'egg money' we clearly are not making because our town decided that chickens are dirty, a health hazzard and require special food.
gotcha. so, no chickens for me.
... yet

then I sat down to write this post and realized that I will sacrifice the avacado tree for a decision tree.

yes. one thing in life that seems to consistently bite me in the backside is decision making. I don't particularly care for it. I am not stellar at it. I could happily, honestly, do without it.
picture it:

there is a decision that needs to be made. I do not have an instant thought in answer to such decision

so I simply walk out my front door, go to the decision tree, pull off a flower (a frangipani to be precise) and peel off the sticky note inside to reveal the decision.
easy peasy.

truthfully, most of the times that I do not make a decision it is simply because I do not care. not that I am void of emotion, but that I am not torn between two planes of thought and, therefore, not really concerned with how things pan out. I could go with plan A or plan B and be equally satisfied.

the only problem I can foresee with this decision tree is my lack of memory. currently, I have a french pussy willow in my garage which I asked for last weekend and have not once watered.

I think I better make a decision without the tree.

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