Monday, May 2, 2011

favourite subject

I have to say that I didn't have only one favourite subject in school, but two, being art and english.
I actually also really truly loved math (you always know when you are right) and science but they just didn't connect with me in reality.
music was something I also wanted to pursue but I am terrible with it. I just plain don't "get" it.
biology was really cool but my marks didn't reflect my enthusiasm so I dropped it after grade 11.
I tried astronomy in university but was failing miserably by christmas break. someone told me, emphatically, that the professor was explaining everything through physics in an attempt to weed out those who didn't care about his class and that if I would just hold on to the end, I would pass for sure.


I have a big, fat, F on my transcript to prove it. and I totally tried hard in that class. I even paid two different tutors. I just suck at science. too bad ... I dig bill nye.

I wanted to do french, too, but I only started learning it in grade 7 cause that's just how it went in my hometown. by the time grade 9 came around, my teacher told me that she would pass me on the condition that I promise to never take french again. harsh. I have been told that my accent is actually pretty good, just don't expect me to put the few words I know together in a complete sentence. the grammar killed me.

math got axed after taking general level grade 10 while I was in grade 11 ( I failed grade 9 advanced because I told my teacher I couldn't come in for extra help at lunch since I was already going in for help with music theory. one day, my math teacher found me in the front hall eating a long john donut, during my "music help time" and I was subsequently "busted")

I remember sitting in the guidance office, looking at a bullseye poster showing all the job opportunities I was letting go of by not taking math. you can imagine how much I cared. why be like everyone else? I knew that taking further maths and sciences was only going to bring my grade average down and I had my sights set on a university degree, so I let go of what didn't fit and, instead, took every literature, art, history and social sciences course available.

maybe, just maybe, it was all part of the plan.

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