Thursday, May 5, 2011

yes ... maybe

today's prompt asked what the hardest decision was that I have ever had to make. I have had to make quite a few hard decisions in my life.
I hate making decisions.
for real.
I already wrote about having a decision making tree in my yard and how ridiculously happy that would make me.
so far it has not shown up.
as a matter of fact, I have a plant in my garage right at this moment that has not been watered for almost two weeks, so even if I had a decision making tree, it would likely wither away from neglect.
a green thumb I would appear not to have.

a decision to make, however, I do.
and I am finding it difficult because there are so many factors (aren't there always?) and I have come to believe that, for the most part, God allows me to choose freely and neither decision would be considered a poor choice.

I really used to believe that there was only one thing I was created to be and do and that I needed to discover that one thing as swiftly as possible so as not to disturb the proper order of my life.

maybe, what I actually need is a tree that displays clear, unmistakable signs.

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