Wednesday, June 8, 2011

fan of the sister in law

i have three sisters-in-law and i consider myself really blessed to be able to say i think each one is totally fabulous, even though we don't hang out on a regular basis like some do. we are all just so busy with "life" that it isn't practical, not to mention that i only live close to one of the three, and between us we have fourteen kids.
today, though, i got to hang with the one who lives the furthest away because she and her husband drove around 26 hours to get here.

we drank tea, ate great salads, laid out on the sand and braved the frigid waters of lake huron (ok, she went under while i watched, only up to my thighs, but at times neither one of us could feel our legs so it totally counts) and washed it all down with more tea and chocolate cake.

all in all a spectacular day, even if no one really took pictures.

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