Monday, June 20, 2011

fan of the sold sign ... again

this time around, our home sold in only four days. three buyers wanted it, in a market we were told is stagnant; only four out of every ten houses selling.

see, I believe in this thing called the holy spirit, and he imparts wisdom when you ask.
and I believe there is a God who loves me, in spite of myself.
and I believe that even if I am missing it, he digs me, and he loves nothing more than to knock my socks off with his displays of love for me.

and so he did.
plainly, simply, quickly and abundantly.

and now I'm off on another adventure, like the gypsy he made me to be.

... come with?


Anonymous said...

Boo yah! I'm still not surprised.

The dB family said...

God is good! We can attest to that one! I still can believe you're moving! I'll follow your adventures for sure -- and miss you lots!

Godspeed, my friend!