Friday, June 17, 2011

fan of the t shirt

I think t shirts are seriously under-rated.
I think they should be allowed as common office attire, provided they are cool. and I suppose that is a moot point.
honestly ... I have seen some pretty hideous tees in my time.
I am not even remotely into disney related ones, or belly ones, or ones that are ripped at the sleeves in a bad weird way.
but I do dig concert tees, and vintage tees and tees with slogans.
I should clarify that only some slogans are good.

I was thinking about my own t shirt collection, trying to decide which one is my fav. it's a toss up:

1. Gino's East (it's still great and it's all about memories, baby)
2. the moustache made me do it (best colour and feel)
3. the civil wars concert tee (that joy herself picked out for me)
4. i think i rock (see above pic)

what's yours?

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