Saturday, June 4, 2011

fanned out

as much as I would like to think of myself as a gardener and enjoy occasional gardening, when we moved into this house two and a bit years ago, I had NO idea just how much gardening and maintenance there was gonna be.
I sort of dig it
mostly not
it takes me hours, literally, to mow the lawn.
I will never be finished dividing all the perennials.
I will never not have to edge or fight with myriad of dandelions.
I will always want another square foot garden, will make one, fill it with plants then remain pertrified to eat anything I have grown in case it is somehow toxic. truth
I will always wish I had some shade, and more trees, and privacy
but I love my horseshoe pits and play like nobody's binness about twice a year.
I will never be able to keep the neighbour's cat from crapping in said pits
or obliterate all the ant hills that keep popping up everywhere
however, I am insanely proud of my two, front garden beds now that they are officially finished
and I treasure the hanging basket one of my students presented me with on his last day of tutoring/therapy.

and the poppies and peonies can bloom all they like, as long as they never ever choke out my favourite forget me nots.

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