Thursday, June 2, 2011

i'm a fan

Tell us about your favourite band/musician.

if I was still in grade school, the answer to the question would be to tell you about my two favourite albums: grease and sesame street fever. yep. hands down they were the two albums I listened to over and over again. I remember the night my dad brought home the sesame street fever one, too. not sure why I was given the album but I kept it for a very long time. grover has always been my favourite muppet, and he was on the cover, complete with stretchy white disco suit. good times.

mom and dad have a picture of me wearing a bright red fuzzy robe, sitting on a ginormous white, fluffy pillow, with even more ginormous earphones on, smiling like I'd just found out I was a for real princess. of course big earphones are back in. who knew?
I was listening to grease. no idea, really why I was allowed to listen so much considering the content and my age, but most things went over my head back then. all I cared about was trying to sound
nothing else mattered much.

if I was still in highschool, the easy answer would be u2. I loved a lot of music back then: new order, yaz, morissey, the cure, the smiths, duran duran, michael jackson (I even had a picture disc my brother bought me *sigh*), depeche mode.
but above all other music was u2. my brother scored tickets to hear joshua tree in toronto. I had a job at arby's at the time and couldn't get that weekend off, so I did the only reasonable thing and quit. then I decided I was too scared to go to a concert and my friend jan's sister went instead. I hear they had a blast. my brother bought me a tshirt. (idiot girl)

now, I would have an incredibly hard time naming my favourite musician or band. dallas green, the civil wars, the swell season.
funny. my son asked me a while back what it was like growing up with music. did we pick single bands or artists to follow religiously or was it like now, where you choose maybe two or three songs from a particular musician but have maybe 25 or more "favourite" artists? I honestly don't think it occurred to me to wonder until he asked. things have defintely changed. more often than not, I find myself listening to the stuff my boys like, liking a ton of it, too, but then I hear this voice telling them who he/she sounds like or is reminiscent of ...

I am totally turning into my parents.

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