Monday, July 11, 2011

sinking feeling

i already know i'm a freak because i have heard it said to me so many stinking times. people generally use nicer words, however, such as:

ha ha ... nerd
you're so funny
you are seriously weird
wow, you're eccentric
you are such a spaz
the word I would use to describe you is bombastic (personal fave)

today was no exception. all day i had the sinking feeling that i was forgetting something i was supposed to be doing; somewhere i was supposed to be. i got lots of phone calls but no one scolded me so that sort of set my mind at ease.

i checked my email frequently and answered anything important. that's a first.

facebook messages were replied to, also ... i think

the door even got knocked on once but it was a friend so i had to emerge from my bedroom where i instinctively ran to hide. she didn't mind my pjs and streaked mascara one bit. sadly, i think she's gotten used to it, especially if she shows up before 11 am.

i'm not ashamed. i will have to change that, however, as my hours at work were altered now that school is no longer in session. somehow i have to make myself hear the alarm now, two whole days each week.

for, like,

wish me luck.

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Kelly said...

Hi Kristina,

I think you are pretty awesome!