Saturday, July 2, 2011


so i was in a parade yesterday, in grand bend. don't think i've been on a float since i was like three. my mom bought me some weeble wobbles after that event. i remember playing with them in a store window. no idea why. that's just what i remember. i do admit to having an active imagination (and personality to match).

this float was like a last hurrah, singing in one of marion kernoghan's shows, wearing another of her vintage fashions. mine was a late 1800's silk bathingsuit. ironically, i was wearing a bikini underneath.

sisters by choice serenaded the crowds from the main street to the beach and back. it was pretty crowded, as usual, and even though it was stinkin hot, it was a good time. we sang: alexander's rag time band, boogie woogie bugle boy, in the good old summertime, sentimental journey, at the hop and our own rendition of oh canada.
i'll miss it

*as a side note, while my legs do really go on forever, i am not that much of an amazon as it would appear in this photograph. i'm just in the foreground.

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