Wednesday, August 3, 2011

if I was there

have you ever wished you could enter a book?

and how
time and time again.
even the creepy ones. except never V.C. Andrews. shudder. those books scare the pants off me. at least they did, back in my tween/early teen days. you know, those long, ever-lasting days of summer when you have absolutely nothing on your agenda and no one looking to you to do anything for them?

in those days I saturated myself with the wickedly wonderful words of go ask alice, endless love and forever, to name only a few. talk about eye openers.
I was also a ring leader at the school library where censorship was concerned. our public school librarian used to white out words and phrases she felt were inappropriate for our age. um, how about just don't have those adult books in a children's library?

in any case, I was the kid sitting at the table, gently scraping the white out off the fine print while a crowd of eager eyes drew unnecessary attention to the goings-on inevitably landing me a good screaming "for show" and another temporary library ban.

is it a surprise I went on to study literature in school or just ironic?

I do know that I wanted to enter pretty much every single book I wrapped my grubby little hands on. nothing was off-limits in my mind and I am glad of it. I have a general understanding of lots of topics, a wide and varied imagination and an appreciation of the stranger things in life as a direct result.

I love to read
I love to write
and there are still plenty of worlds to enter

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