Tuesday, August 30, 2011

in the shop

my groovy bike is in the shop.
it's pretty exciting for me, really, cause I haven't ridden it in almost six years. see, that korean boy who lived with us for a couple of months back in '07 SWORE he knew how to ride, so I lent him my groovy bike.


and he crashed
and the back tire kind of collided with the back fender and, well, it got hung up in one garage, two garages, three garages until we moved here last week and decided we should get it fixed so my sorry ass can get some exercise again. I am going to be "over the hill" in november, you know.

so we put it in the trunk and drove to the closest shop. that's when I discovered that the law in BC says everyone must wear a helmet.

maybe I'm just being vain here, but, honestly? ok. I KNOW I'm just being vain here, but if I have been able to ride a bike for 31 years (because I remember vividly the day I learned, and I was 8, trust me) without a helmet, what is going to convince my hair to suddenly don one? I can only imagine how great it would look. last time I tried helmets on, it seemed that due to the relative smallness of my noggin, I needed the toddler size. do you know how ridiculous that looks?

I didn't have much more success obtaining a BC license either. seems that back in december, when I thought I had lost my license and, so, sent away my ten dollars and a request for a new one, the re-issue date says january 6, 2011. only it doesn't say "re" issue, just issue. so it looks like I've only had my license since then, and here they need proof of at least two years driving.

thank goodness I have a great shoe collection. looks like I'll be walking a fair bit.

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