Tuesday, August 2, 2011

more fiction

who is your favourite author?

well, first of all, you are asking the wrong girl. i mean, honestly, does anyone out there have one favourite? i remember how much of a panic i was in when a former employer asked her staff to list their top 5 or so novels. talk about next to impossible ... i worked in an independent bookstore! i was surrounded by great literature!
having to think about every single book you have ever read and then make comparisions and draw conclusions? what about those books i love to hate? have plenty of them. does that make them favourites, too?

but the first author who popped into my mind today was steve martin.
for real

yah. which is kind of odd since i have only read three of his books:
the alphabet from a - y with bonus letter z
and an object of beauty

looking at his filmography list, i discovered i have seen almost every single movie attached to his name. i am definitely a martin fan. it's a toss up between l.a. story and mixed nuts for top place. i barely remember anything about l.a. story, i watched it ever so long ago, but some things just stick in your memory for one reason or another. i remember feeling quite attached after viewing it and have been trying to find a copy ever since. mixed nuts is an annual must see around here. hardly anyone else i know has ever heard of it, and of the handful that have, even fewer appreciate it. i dig it hugely.

i'm not really a banjo fan, for sure, but the boy can play! took me years to even find out that he was a musician at all. man, what can't he do?

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